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A short course in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite will be held at St Aloysius’ Church, Caulfield North, Victoria (Australia) from 7th-11th January 2013 for interested priests and deacons.  For more information please contact Fr Glen Tattersall.

Email: chaplain@newman-community-melbourne.org

Office: (03) 9532 7771

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[Notice in The Priest, the journal of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, Summer 2012, p. 39]

In a letter that Pope Benedict XVI sent to the bishops of the world on the occasion of the publication of his Apostolic Letter Summorum pontificum regarding the use of the Roman Liturgy prior to the 1970 reform, the Holy Father expressed a hope that the Extraordinary Form (according to the 1962 books) and the Ordinary Form (according to the post-Vatican II reforms) would be “mutually enriching.”  That is, both forms have something to contribute to the way we celebrate, and further, that one has things to say to the other, thereby making each better.  This will be a slow and gradual process.

In this letter, the Holy Father was only speaking of the Extraordinary and Ordinary Forms.  However, it seems to me that “mutual enrichment” is going to come from another source as well: the Personal Ordinariates for former Anglicans.  Their manner of celebrating the sacred liturgy has the potential to bring enrichment to the way we celebrate in non-ordinariate parishes.

The following photos, of liturgies from the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in the UK, speak for themselves, and I hope that some of these practices will “enrich” the celebration of the Ordinary Form generally.





Bring on the mutual enrichment!  Coming to a parish near you …

Extraordinary Form iMass app

I have learnt, over at Sentire Cum Ecclesia, another example of there being “an app for everything” – an app for the Extraordinary Form of Mass.

I don’t have an i- device, nor would I know how to use one if it should fall into my hands!

Nevertheless, other readers may be interested to know!

See the post here.

I was really pleased to read over at Sentire Cum Ecclesia that there is going to be a regular Mass celebrated in the Extraordinary Form at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne (Australia).  He has a link to photos of the first of these Masses.

A cathedral, being the ‘mother church’ of a diocese, should lead the way and set the best example for parishes to follow.  The regular provision of the Extraordinary Form of Mass at Melbourne’s Cathedral well accords with the Holy Father’s wish that the EF of the Mass be provided generously to those who ask for it.

It’d be wonderful if all Cathedral Churches similarly added a regular EF Mass to their schedules.  It is worth noting that the most recent document on this subject, Universae Ecclesiae, does indicate that the lay faithful need to take the initiative and ask for Mass to be celebrated in the Extraordinary Form.  The document also indicates that Pastors (of parishes) are to respond favourably by providing the Mass themselves, or by facilitating the celebration of the Mass.  [I currently can’t celebrate in the Extraordinary Form – I’m still learning!  So if I was a pastor, and people came to me to request a celebration in the EF, I would have to do something to assist the people in their request, probably by inviting a priest to the parish who could celebrate in the EF.]

Well done to those in Melbourne, and I look forward to hearing sequel-stories coming from other cathedrals!