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I’m settling into my new home here at Saint Bernardine’s Parish, Browns Plains.

Here is my office at the parish taking shape … as I move my stuff from storage at Mum’s (I will have a second office in Brisbane itself, but that’s still a work in progress as the tribunal will be shifting over the next couple of months):


And here is the “presbytery gang” of Saint Bernardine’s – Innocent (our seminarian here on pastoral internship), myself, and Fr Francis (the P.P.):


And, the delicious food that Innocent prepared for us tonight:


st bernadine of siena“The name of Jesus is the glory of preachers, because the shining splendor of that name causes his word to be proclaimed and heard.”

— Saint Bernardine of Siena

In Australia today, those in the Latin Church may celebrate the optional memorial of the Holy Name of Jesus.

The patron of the parish in which I’m now located – Saint Bernardine of Siena – had a great devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus, and spent his life making that Name known to others.

The name of Jesus is itself a powerful prayer.  To say his name is to become aware of his presence with us always.  His name casts out fear, and is powerful against demons.

We should examine ourselves to make sure that we only use his Holy Name with reverence and love.  Where his name is used carelessly we should root out that weed.

To reflect on Jesus’ name is a reminder that our own names are important.  The Lord says through the prophet, “I have called you by name; you are mine” (Is 43:1), and Jesus tells us to “rejoice that our names are written in heaven” (Lk 10:20).

Do something today to show your love for Our Lord, and his Holy Name.

A litany and chaplet of the Holy Name can be found here.

Text from a sermon of Saint Bernardine of Siena on the Holy Name can be found here.

you gave Saint Bernardine a special love
for the holy name of Jesus.
By the help of his prayers,
may we always be alive with the spirit of your love.
We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, 
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, 
one God, for ever and ever.

Yesterday I posted some photos of the outside of Saint Bernardine’s Church, Regents Park.

Below are a few shots of the interior.

I’m not entirely up with the parish’s history yet, but my memory says that the Browns Plains Parish was established in the 1980s.  Prior to the establishment of the Parish, the Park Ridge Church (which is still in the parish) was at one time served by priests from Sunnybank parish.  With the establishment of the parish, Regents Park became the centre with a school, church, parish office and presbytery.  The parish has the two station churches: Our Lady of the Assumption at Park Ridge, and Saint Catherine’s at Jimboomba.

The altar and ambo of Saint Bernardine’s Church:


The font:


A beautiful carved statue of Our Blessed Mother and the Infant Jesus:


The Blessed Sacrament Chapel:


A few more photos can be found here.

Mary, Mother of GodNew Year greetings to all readers of A secular priest.  May it be a year in which you come closer to the Lord who gives new life.

January 1st is the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God.

For those in Brisbane, if you didn’t get to Mass this morning, there is still the opportunity: Mass will be offered at 7pm tonight, 1 January 2013, at Saint Bernardine’s Church, 25 Vergulde Road, Regents Park.

Today I began moving some of my things to my new home at Regents Park, in Browns Plains Parish.

My first Masses here will be on the weekend, so I have a few days to get settled a bit.

And, as is plainly obvious, the first thing I got sorted was the internet!  Clothes and books can wait.

Here are a few photos …

Saint Bernardine’s Church – Regents Park:



The view from the door of the church:


The pavement of the church porch:


And, the parish office and presbytery – my new home (a home ‘among the gum trees’):


I can now provide an actual answer to the above question!

With his letter of 14 November 2012, Archbishop Coleridge has appointed me as Associate Judicial Vicar to the Regional Tribunal of Brisbane, and also Priest in Residence in Saint Bernardine’s Parish, Browns Plains.  The appointment to Browns Plains will include weekend Masses and other duties depending on my availability.

Both appointments are for three years, effective 5 January 2013.

Saint Bernardine’s, Regents Park

I am excited to be on the threshold of this next phase of things for me.   I’m looking forward to putting into practice what I’ve been studying over here in Ottawa.  And I’m also very much looking forward to getting to know the people of Browns Plains Parish in the coming years, as I assist Father Francis Nguyen, the pastor there.

But what I am very excited about is that I will soon be home!

One month from today I fly out of Ottawa.