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accc conference 2013 2This week, June 17-21 2013, I’ll be attending the Year of Faith 2013 Annual Conference of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy.

The main Conference speaker will be Fr Tim Finigan of The Hermeneutic of Continuity fame.  Also speaking will be Bishop Basil Meeking, emeritus of Christchurch, and Fr John Flader.  Fr Finigan’s talks will explore Vatican II, a theme especially appropriate for the Year of Faith 2012-2013, commemorating fifty years since the opening of the Second Vatican Council.

Fr Finigan will give a public lecture which is open to all, at the Cardinal Knox Centre, 383 Albert Street, East Melbourne on Wednesday 19 June 2013 at 7.30pm.  The topic will be: The Church, Sacrament and People of God.  All are welcome.

Membership in the ACCC is open to all clergy and seminarians who are in Australia and New Zealand.  Laity and religious are welcomed as associate members.  Laity and clergy outside Australia and New Zealand are welcome to suscribe to our Journal, The Priest, which is published twice each year.  More information here.

A short course in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite will be held at St Aloysius’ Church, Caulfield North, Victoria (Australia) from 7th-11th January 2013 for interested priests and deacons.  For more information please contact Fr Glen Tattersall.

Email: chaplain@newman-community-melbourne.org

Office: (03) 9532 7771

Mobile: 0425 725 318

[Notice in The Priest, the journal of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, Summer 2012, p. 39]

Word came through this morning of the death on Tuesday 26 June 2012 of Rockhampton priest Father Martin Durham.  Father Durham was 82 years of age, and would have celebrated his 59th Jubilee of Ordination to the Priesthood on Wednesday, 27 June 2012.

Fr Durham’s Requiem Mass will be celebrated at Saint Joseph’s Cathedral, Rockhampton, on Wednesday, 4 July 2012, at 11.00am.

Among Your apostolic priests, O God, You honoured Your servant, Martin, with the priestly dignity.  Grant too, to number him always in their company.  Through Christ our Lord.  Amen.


New bishop for Armidale

The Holy Father has appointed Fr Michael Kennedy, a priest of the diocese of Wagga Wagga, as the new bishop of Armidale.  He succeeds Bishop Luc Matthys whose resignation has been accepted by the Pope, having reached the age limit.

Fr Kennedy is a past chairman of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy.  He is currently the Parish Priest of Leeton, New South Wales.  He began his seminary training at Vianney College, Wagga Wagga, and continued his studies at Propaganda Fide in Rome, obtaining a Licentiate in Sacred Theology.  He has been a priest for thirteen years, and in addition to parochial duties has also lectured at Vianney College.

Congratulations and prayerful best wishes to Bishop elect Kennedy, and a happy retirement to Bishop Matthys.  Armidale has been, and will continue to be, in the hands of a good shepherd.  Deo gratias!

Let’s keep the nuncio in our prayers as he goes about the challenging work of finding suitable successors for the other vacant sees in Australia.

Media release here: Armidale Wagga Wagga priest Fr Michael Kennedy appointed Bishop of Armidale-1.

Source: here.


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And the following from the Vatican Information Service (with some statistics on Armidale):

– Fr. Michael Robert Kennedy as bishop of Armidale (area 120,000, population 176,621, Catholics 42,748, priests 34, permanent deacons 1, religious 45), Australia. The bishop-elect was born in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia in 1968 and was ordained a priest in 1999.

If I’m not mistaken, Fr Kennedy is the first graduate of Vianney College, Wagga Wagga, to be made a bishop.  This is somewhat historic in my opinion.  The establishment of Vianney College by Bishop Brennan was the beginning of the reform of Australian seminaries, which eventually saw all of the seminaries in Australia either: closed, moved, rebuilt, reopened, or renamed – or any combination of these.  Along with physical changes were the more important changes regarding what was taught in the seminaries, and the manner of preparation of seminarians.  These changes could be summarised in various ways, but ultimately they’ve resulted in a more obvious adherence to the teachings and disciplines of the whole church, overcoming some of the provincial idiosyncrasies that had crept in over the decades.  The reforms also reflected changes that were, welcomingly, happening elsewhere in the world.