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A worthy cause … particularly apt to share on St Joseph’s day

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Most monasteries feel short of money. Mine has been running at an annual deficit for some years but life is far from desperate. That said, there are things we need to be doing or fixing that we cannot now do due to the limitations on our funds. One huge advantage we have is that our property is an asset that can secure us loans when we need them.

So when a monastery is both short of money and living in a house not its own, the danger is compounded. It is hard to practise the Benedictine vow of stability when it is quite possible to be evicted from the place in which one’s stability is rooted.

So please spare a thought for the brethren at the recently-founded monastery of Silverstream, in County Meath in Ireland. Fr Mark maintains the edifying and insightful blog Vultus Christi, and the brethren…

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oratory website screenshot 1The Brisbane Oratory in Formation now has a revamped website.

It provides information about Oratories in general, and about the Brisbane Oratory in Formation project.

In the latest news section, there are some photos of the Brisbane Oratory’s seminarian, Shawn Murphy, being clothed in the habit of the Toronto Oratory, where he is formally beginning his formation in Oratorian life.  (There are more photos from this event here).

oratory shawn receiving habit 1

The Brisbane Oratory in Formation’s seminarian, Shawn Murphy, receiving the habit of the Toronto Oratory

There is also a link to yesterday’s article in The Australian newspaper on the Brisbane Oratory.

Please keep this project in your prayers.  It’s a great development for our Archdiocese, and its wonderful that its happening here.

You might also consider making a financial offering, which at this stage will especially assist in the training of the Brisbane Oratory in Formation’s seminarian.

Stamullen Priory - the new Monastery of Our Lady of the Cenacle

The monastic community of Our Lady of the Cenacle is on the move from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to County Meath, Ireland.  Read about the move here.  In fact, the move happened over the past 24 hours!  Even the monastery dog is making the intercontinental journey (see:

As the Prior explains in his letter about the move, the Irish Church sent many missionary priests and religious to America [and to Australia too], and so it’s most appropriate “for some Americans to return love for love by leaving the United States to serve the Church in Ireland,” particularly at a time of severe testing for the Church in Ireland.

Please pay for the newly relocated Monastery of Our Lady of the Cenacle, and perhaps you might consider sending some of your Lenten almsgiving their way?

[UPDATE: Oops! typo in the last paragraph!  Well, the community does need help paying for their move and their new home … but they’d also really appreciate it if you prayed for them too!  Well spotted Canonical Codemonkey]!


The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter in Australia needs help to repair its novitiate house.

Rorate Caeli has information, and a link to the FSSP website.

Perhaps you might be able to send a few dollars their way?

It is easy to be disheartened these days about the state of Religious Life in the church.  Vocations dwindle, convents are sold, religious men and women have all but vanished from our schools and hospitals.  If you do see a Religious, you are probably unlikely to recognise them as such, so few wear the common dress of their Institute, if they have one.  Its hard to see how some of the Institutes we’ve grown up with will be able to survive into the future.  Most, it seems, will practically vanish with so few members, unless some miracle occurs to turn things around.

But all is not doom and gloom!  We are, perhaps, in a time of changing of the guard.  Some Institutes will go, and others will come.  Some Religious Institutes are actually flourishing and attracting many vocations.  There are some common features of these Institutes, which you can probably guess!  I don’t need to rehearse the list at this time!

Here in Ottawa we are currently witnessing the birth of a new Religious Institute for women: The Queenship of Mary.  (I have written about the Queenship here.)  Getting established is an arduous business, as the sisters will joyfully testify!  It really is a time of relentless testing, in all sorts of ways, to see if the inspiration for the Institute is of God or not.  The sisters of the Queenship of Mary are approaching the next phase of formal recognition of their group, and Archbishop Prendergast SJ of Ottawa has given them approval to acquire land for their first convent.

The sisters need our help!  First of all, and above all, they need our PRAYERS!  Their desire is to love only Jesus, and his Blessed Mother, and they only want to do God’s will.  Please pray for them.

Trusting in the providence of God, they also need our practical support.  Land acquisition is a very practical matter.  Please pray that they will find the right person(s) who can help them at this time.

And, perhaps you, dear reader, can help?  Or you might know someone who can.

Please pass this message on!

Our Lady, Queen and Mother, pray for us!

St Joseph, pray for us!

From: Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese,
11 Oct 2011


Pope Benedict XVI has made his second appeal on behalf of the 13.5 million men, women and children at risk of starvation in nations across the drought-stricken Horn of Africa.

Meeting with the Apostolic Administrator of Mogadishu, Bishop Giorgio Bertin, and the President of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, Cardinal Robert Sarah, which oversees Catholic aid and development organisations such Caritas, the Holy Father expressed his concern at the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe.

“I renew my heartfelt appeal to the international community to continue its commitment to these people,” he urged. “At the same time, I invite everyone to offer prayers and concrete support to so many sorely-tried brothers and sisters, particularly the children in the area who are dying every day.”

The Pontiff’s latest appeal comes on the heels of a report by Caritas of the deteriorating situation in urban environments across Kenya.

In responding to the crisis, Pope Benedict XVI has personally donated $(AU)80,000. In addition under his direction a further 60 million euros ($AU 80 million) has given to the aid effort through the Vatican’s Pontifical Council Cor Unum.

The Australian Government has also given $110 million in funds to help those suffering from malnourishment and malnutrition across the Horn of Africa.

The nations affected by the worst drought in more than 60 years where rains are not expected to arrive for another five months include Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Northern Kenya and Southern Sudan.

“It is the worst humanitarian disaster we have seen in six decades but if we don’t act quickly it may end up as one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes of all time,” Mr de Groot warns.

To find out more log on to Caritas at or call 1800 024 413.

Read the whole story here.

There must be someone out there with some spare loot sitting around, so keep the message going until it gets to that person (or people)!

Help a group of Franciscan Sisters stay in their monastic home, where “the Sanctuary light before the Blessed Sacrament has remained alight for hundreds of years.”

“Lanherne used to be the Manor House of the Arundell family who rose to high positions in the country, only to be reduced to gradual impoverishment during the times of the Reformation, due to their love of the Catholic faith. Lanherne became a place of refuge for many priests during this time of persecution and there are said to be nine priest holes where they hid from their persecutors. Tradition relates that one priest was hidden in one of these for eighteen months. St. Cuthbert Mayne often used to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass here (using the altar which is now in our small choir) and ministered to the Faithful here. He was martyred on 29th November 1577, for the simple reason that he was a Catholic priest. The Franciscans of the Immaculate are now the very privileged custodians of the first class relic of his skull which is kept in our choir, and which the people who attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass here on Sundays are able to venerate.”

Read Mother Superior’s letter here: Help Save Lanherne.

I picked up the story from Fr Ray Blake’s blog.

We keep in our prayers the dire situation of so many in the Horn of Africa.

If you haven’t made a financial contribution yet, why not do so today?

One suggestion is through Caritas.

The Companions of the Cross are a newer community of priests founded in Ottawa 25 years ago.

In their current newsletter they invite assistance in the formation of candidates for the priesthood.

Companions of the Cross – Donor Response Form