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Facing East

pope francis ad orientem

(The above picture is of Pope Francis celebrating Mass recently in Saint Peter’s Basilica … story here).

What do former Prime Ministers do?

Follow me, that’s what!

A friend just send this to me – a Twitter notification he had received – and it gave me a chuckle, so I thought I’d share.  Maybe my follower has more spare time on his hands now …

twitter krudd follows me

Like KRudd, you too can follow me on Twitter: @FrAdrianSharp

This gave me a laugh

twitter pontifex sede vacanteI have been on Twitter for a while, but I wouldn’t say I completely understand how it works yet.

I just went to have a look at the Pope’s twitter page and I see that Benedict XVI’s tweets have been archived to  Perhaps unsurprisingly, only the tweets themselves are archived, and all the (often vile) comments have been disposed of.  The comments weren’t very edifying reading.

One thing about Twitter is that people can add you to lists, so I see that those lists are still there on the @pontifex page.

This got me curious to see what lists I have been added to.  When I checked I discovered that I’d been added to a number of predictable “priests / religious / clergy” lists as you’d expect.

But one list I’m on did make me laugh.  It’s called “Catholic Tweep Bloggers: Tweeps who represent themselves as Catholic & appear to be orthodox. Some may not be.”

Thanks.  I think.

Everyday scene in Australia …

"Think we'll just hop on board when the train gets here." Photo: Robert Ridge


From ZigZag News, no. 43, February 2012.

ZigZag Railway, Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia


Nun frightened by a ghost

[ok, this is an in-joke here in Ottawa, but …] A colleague sent this to me … it is too good not to share!  Maybe you might like to leave a caption in the comments?!

A Nun Frightened by a Ghost; Images of Spain Album, 65 Goya (Francisco de Goya y Lucientes) (Spanish, Fuendetodos 1746–1828 Bordeaux)

I thought this was amusing over at Bridges and Tangents:

What British people say. What they really mean. What other people really understand..

I can certainly agree with quite a lot in the first two columns!!

A laugh …

Further to my earlier post about the snow person, I saw this today, which made me laugh …

from here.


Who says the new missal is out of touch with ordinary people?!

I have learnt, over at Sentire Cum Ecclesia, that a little mistake got through the editing of the new missal that will be used in Australia.

Certain additions were permitted in our edition on account of the fact that we are a wild country, with storms, and droughts, bushfires and floods.

Apparently a finger slipped, and in the index, a certain prayer is listed for use in “time of draught.”

Pray at all times, I say, even in the pub.

Anyone for a pint?!



Have a laugh: wise words

For a laugh, go to:



Picture from Fr Z's blog. Note carefully the brand of beer!

Over at The Divine Wedgie is a post on the Rite for the Blessing of Beer in the old Rituale Romanum.

Anyone for a bee-yah?!