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On the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, the Church throughout the world takes up the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary in praise of God.

Here in Ottawa we had an extra reason to sing for joy as we celebrated this great feast.  Today a group of five women said their own “yes” to the Lord as they received the habit of the newly established Queenship of Mary Community.  At 11am in the Archbishop’s Chapel underneath Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica, Ottawa, Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, SJ, blessed the habits of the new community.

Immediately following this ceremony, Mass was celebrated, during which the Archbishop read his decree establishing the Queenship of Mary Community as a private association of the Christian faithful.  The journey to becoming a religious institute in the Church is one that passes through many phases of testing and discernment, and today is yet another important milestone for the Queenship of Mary Community.

The archbishop then received the temporary profession of vows of four of the newly established community, and also assigned them religious names.  The fifth member will remain a novice for the moment, and make profession in the not-too-distant future.

A few photos follow, and more can be found on Flickr.

UPDATE 27 MARCH 2012:  See Archbishop Prendergast’s blog for his post on the occasion and more photos.

On Monday, 26 March 2012, at Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica, Ottawa, Archbishop Terrence Prendergast SJ will celebrate Mass at 12.15pm.  During this Mass, Alice Fougère, Jennifer MacDonald, Teresa Kargul, and Madeleine Thomson will be professing temporary vows, and receiving habits and religious names, and Genevieve Moncrieff will be receiving her habit.  His Grace will also erect the Queenship of Mary as a Private Association of the Christian Faithful, another important step of the Queenship of Mary Community on the way to becoming, formally, a religious institute in the Church.

All are invited and welcome to join with the Archbishop and the Sisters for this special Mass.  A reception will follow in the Cathedral hall following Mass.

[Update 30 March 2012: Post about the clothing ceremony and temporary profession, with photos, here.]

There is a nice interview, on the Archdiocese of Melbourne’s website, with Kathleen Evans who was cured of terminal cancer at the intercession of Australia’s St Mary of the Cross.

In 1993 Kathleen Evans was cured of terminal cancer at the age of 49. Her cure was recognised as Mary MacKillop’s second miracle. Last year, Mary became Australia’s first saint, taking her place among the saints of the Universal Church to become St Mary of the Cross.

After being diagnosed with lung cancer, which had spread to her brain, Kathleen was given only two months to live. With no medical intervention possible she turned instead to Mary MacKillop and to prayer.

Within days of a novena being said on her behalf by the Josephite Sisters and with a picture and relic of Mary MacKillop attached to her night gown, Kathleen began to regain her strength and eventually was miraculously cleared of cancer.

Now, 18 years later, Australia has its first saint and Kathleen, from Newcastle in New South Wales, is here to tell the story of this miracle. While in Melbourne with her husband Barry recently, Kathleen spoke to Kairos Catholic Journal’s Edwina Hall.

Read the full story here: And then Mary came in.


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Intercession of St Mary MacKillop

St Mary of the Cross (MacKillop)

This morning I read a nice article by Fr Gerard Dowling OAM reflecting on his experience with cancer five years ago, and his gratitude for the intercession of St Mary MacKillop.

You can find the article in Melbourne’s Kairos Catholic Journal here, then go to page 37.

O come, all ye faithful … O come let us adore Him: Christ the Lord!



Celebrate with the rest of the family!

It sounds like things are going really well in the newly established Confraternity of Catholic Clergy in the UK, as reported by Fr Blake.  This is wonderful news indeed – and may it spread.  This is the sort of association of clergy that we need.



It is easy to be disheartened these days about the state of Religious Life in the church.  Vocations dwindle, convents are sold, religious men and women have all but vanished from our schools and hospitals.  If you do see a Religious, you are probably unlikely to recognise them as such, so few wear the common dress of their Institute, if they have one.  Its hard to see how some of the Institutes we’ve grown up with will be able to survive into the future.  Most, it seems, will practically vanish with so few members, unless some miracle occurs to turn things around.

But all is not doom and gloom!  We are, perhaps, in a time of changing of the guard.  Some Institutes will go, and others will come.  Some Religious Institutes are actually flourishing and attracting many vocations.  There are some common features of these Institutes, which you can probably guess!  I don’t need to rehearse the list at this time!

Here in Ottawa we are currently witnessing the birth of a new Religious Institute for women: The Queenship of Mary.  (I have written about the Queenship here.)  Getting established is an arduous business, as the sisters will joyfully testify!  It really is a time of relentless testing, in all sorts of ways, to see if the inspiration for the Institute is of God or not.  The sisters of the Queenship of Mary are approaching the next phase of formal recognition of their group, and Archbishop Prendergast SJ of Ottawa has given them approval to acquire land for their first convent.

The sisters need our help!  First of all, and above all, they need our PRAYERS!  Their desire is to love only Jesus, and his Blessed Mother, and they only want to do God’s will.  Please pray for them.

Trusting in the providence of God, they also need our practical support.  Land acquisition is a very practical matter.  Please pray that they will find the right person(s) who can help them at this time.

And, perhaps you, dear reader, can help?  Or you might know someone who can.

Please pass this message on!

Our Lady, Queen and Mother, pray for us!

St Joseph, pray for us!

Students of St Paul University, Ottawa, have formed a pro-life group, with the approval of the St Paul University Student Association (SPUSA).  Saint Paul Students for Life will have its first official function by welcoming Stephanie Gray, Co-founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical Reform, who will speak on “Abortion and Intellectual Honesty.”  This will take place on Thursday 10 November 2011, 7pm-9pm, in Room 103 of St Paul University, Main Street, Ottawa.  All are invited and welcome!

Members of the Saint Paul Students for Life already make a weekly visit each Friday afternoon to the abortuary on Bank Street, Ottawa.  There, we pray the rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplet, remembering and standing in loving solidarity with the children who are killed there daily, and praying for the conversion of all involved in the abortion industry, and for mercy and healing for those who suffer as a result of abortion.  [Each Friday we meet at 1pm at the front door of the Deschatelets Residence, next door to St Paul University, and drive from there to Bank Street].

One of the aims of several of us is to support pro-life activities in Ottawa.  Ottawa is blessed in this regard by the leadership of its archbishop, Terrence Prendergast SJ.  The archbishop was prominent, along with several other Canadian bishops at the March for Life in Ottawa earlier in 2011.  On the morning of the March for Life, Archbishop Prendergast celebrated Mass in Ottawa’s Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica, which was filled to overflowing with those about to join the March for Life activities on Parliament Hill and through the streets of the capital.

Also this year, at a time when many of us were dismayed at people with connections to pro-abortion groups being welcomed as guest speakers at Catholic functions, Archbishop Prendergast took decisive action and cancelled the speaking engagements of the head of one organisation because he judged its activities to be “incompatible with the Church’s defence of the right to life from conception to natural death.”  (See story here.)  At the time, the Archbishop posted an excellent statement on the Ottawa Archdiocesan website stating clearly the pro-life position of the diocese.  Unfortunately this excellent statement seems to have been discarded in the recent make-over of the diocesan website.

Congratulations and well done to those who have made Saint Paul Students for Life a reality.  We are pleased to be its inaugural members.  And for those of you in Ottawa, we hope to see you on November 10 for our first public function.

Mother chooses life

Just saw the following at Abortion Hurts Albury:

X-Factor Mother Chooses Life Despite Intense Pressure from “Doctors” to Abort

Nice story.