Today a team of young people will begin a walking pilgrimage from Brisbane to Melbourne.  Their aim is to share and spread the pro-life message, especially to increase awareness of the right to life of children in the womb.

Chris DaSilva, one of the team members, spoke at Masses in Annerley Ekibin parish over the weekend.  He said that each member of the team would walk approximately 15 to 20km each day.  The begin each day – when they can – by attending daily Mass, and praying Morning Prayer together, before setting off for the day.  On Saturdays they will usually pray outside an abortion mill in the place where they are staying.  On Sundays, the team visits different parishes to share the message of their journey.

Chris invited us over the weekend to write down prayer requests which they would remember on their journey, which is physically, emotionally, and spiritually arduous.   They’ll have plenty of mortifications and sufferings to offer up for our intentions.

Let’s pray for these young people over the next few weeks: for safety in their travels, and for God to bless and anoint their mission.  May God change many hearts and help us all to embrace the culture of life.

You can follow their progress on their Facebook page: