In your charity, please pray for the repose of the soul of my paternal grandmother, Norma Mary Sharp, who died this morning.  Nana is the last of my grandparents to die.  We will miss her greatly.

Her kitchen table has been the gathering place for family gatherings for many years.

Nana has been in a fairly steady decline for the last eighteen months, and so I think it is fair to say that we are happy that she no longer has to face the trials and sufferings that came her way in this valley of tears.  Those who know her will know that she has been ready to “move on” for quite some time (that is an understatement, by the way).

Nana’s husband (my grandfather), Wilfred, died in 1989, and her elder son, Noel, died in 1999.  She is survived by her younger son, Brian (my Dad), daughters-in-law Somlak and Verna (my Mum), her four grandsons and their partners/spouses, and her nine great-granddaughters, plus other members of the extended family, and other friends, who mourn her passing.

Nana gave very clear directions about what was to happen after her death.  As such, all funeral rites for her will be celebrated in the presence of the immediate family only.  We ask for your understanding in this, as we honour and respect her wishes.

We are most grateful, of course, if you could remember her in your prayers and Masses wherever you might be, praying for her eternal repose, as we also give thanks to God for her, and return her to Him, the author of all life.

Your rest has finally come to you, Nana.  May the angels speed you to paradise.