Merry Christmas to all readers of A secular priest!  Hope you are enjoying these days.

I am in the final throes of moving at the moment.  The removalists came Monday last week to move most of my things, which had been in storage at Mum’s.  Now that Christmas Day has come and gone, I am moving the last of my things from Regents Park to Annerley.  I have a couple of Masses here in Browns Plains parish this coming weekend, and then the final relocation will take place on Monday.

Officially from 4 January 2014 I am the Parish Priest of Annerley Ekibin parish, continuing also with my work in the Regional Tribunal.  I’ll be joined in the parish by Fr Paul Chandler who has been the Parish Priest of Banyo-Nundah Parish.  Both of us are members of the project that is working towards the eventual establishment of the Brisbane Oratory.

Please pray for us as we take up work and residence in Annerley Ekibin.