twitter pontifex sede vacanteI have been on Twitter for a while, but I wouldn’t say I completely understand how it works yet.

I just went to have a look at the Pope’s twitter page and I see that Benedict XVI’s tweets have been archived to  Perhaps unsurprisingly, only the tweets themselves are archived, and all the (often vile) comments have been disposed of.  The comments weren’t very edifying reading.

One thing about Twitter is that people can add you to lists, so I see that those lists are still there on the @pontifex page.

This got me curious to see what lists I have been added to.  When I checked I discovered that I’d been added to a number of predictable “priests / religious / clergy” lists as you’d expect.

But one list I’m on did make me laugh.  It’s called “Catholic Tweep Bloggers: Tweeps who represent themselves as Catholic & appear to be orthodox. Some may not be.”

Thanks.  I think.