face question markAlready I’m sick to death of stories about the most likely “contender” for the papacy.  It’s like the ecclesiastical equivalent of a protracted federal election.

I make this plea to Catholic journalists: instead of writing another piece about who the next pope will be, please spend that time by going to the nearest church that is open, kneeling down before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and praying that the cardinals elect the man whom God wants as our supreme pontiff.

At this stage, that [prayer] is all that really matters.

God bless our AWESOME Pope Benedict!

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I liked this comment from Cardinal Cipriani, of Lima, Peru, in a recent interview:

Q: What do you expect from this election? What currents are in conflict? There is talk of the Orthodox, of the progressives …

Cardinal Cipriani: I’m not going to comment on that, because frankly, I don’t believe in those currents. I believe in the action of the Holy Spirit and hope that we cardinals will be able to be men who listen to God, otherwise, we are of no use at all.

Source: Zenit.