On Saturday afternoon we had the Rally for Life in Brisbane, a chance for pro-life people from many different sectors of the city and beyond to come together and give public witness to the sanctity of human life, and especially the pre-born child.

The pro-life cause works on many fronts.  We try to raise awareness of what abortion is, and help people see the truth.  We work to assist women (and their partners, families) who are facing unexpected and perhaps unwanted pregnancies, with counselling and practical assistance including crisis accomodation.  We work to help bring healing to women who have had an abortion through programmes like Rachel’s Vineyard.  We work to support pro-life politicians who will help to ensure that our laws give voice to the dignity of human life in all its stages.

Having seen the devastating and long lasting effects of abortion on women (and also men, which may not be as obvious) for myself is one of the reasons I take an active part in this work.  I want to do what I can to prevent babies being killed, but also to spare people the emotional trauma that abortion brings.  Abortion is not the only option, and there are people here to help and support those facing difficulty because of pregnancy.

A few photos from Saturday:

Various pro-life organisations had a tent:


Brendan and Judy Wong spoke about the upcoming 40 Days for Life that will occur during Lent, in the lead up to Easter:


At the end of the afternoon:


More photos here.

Perhaps in future years we might have a march through the city streets as more people come on board to speak up for the unborn.