flood3Media release from the St Vincent de Paul Society:

When the water goes down, Vinnies will still be there

Monetary donations desperately needed

St Vincent de Paul Society today launched its Queensland Flood Appeal 2013.  Queensland State President, Brian Moore, said “Financial donations are the easiest way to make sure we can quickly provide assistance to those who need it.”
“Families affected by the floods in the past week are turning to St Vincent de Paul Society for support.
We need to be there to help people rebuild their lives, but we can only do that with the financial support of the public.
Every dollar donated goes directly to those affected by the disaster.
Mr Moore said the Society has a permanent local presence throughout Queensland.
“We are committed to assisting in the long-term recovery of people affected by the disaster, we are on the ground and know our communities, when the flood waters recede, Vinnies will still be there offering assistance and friendship: helping people recover their lives.”
During the 2011 flood disaster Vinnies provided over $31m in direct financial assistance.
To make a donation to the Queensland Flood Appeal, please visit vinnies.org.au, call 13 18 12 or send your donation to PO Box 3351 South Brisbane, QLD 4101.

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On Tuesday January 29, Archbishop Mark Coleridge penned the following message of
support to all who have been suffering through these most recent floods:

We have all been moved by the floods and the human suffering that they
have brought. Two years ago, I saw the floods from afar on TV and in
newspapers. But the anxiety and the pain cut more deeply now that I live
where the floods have hit. I think particularly of those who have suffered
a second time in two years. That is truly heart-breaking. It is worse still for
families who have lost loved ones. May the Lord give eternal rest to those
who have died and peace to those who mourn them.

Again the floods are an urgent call upon our generosity. Financially, these
are not easy times for many, but I ask you to make a sacrifice in support of
those who have suffered so much. All support should be directed to the St
Vincent de Paul Society who will coordinate our relief efforts as they did
so well two years ago. Envelopes will go into the parishes this weekend to
assist donations. I have also asked that $20,000 be sent from the
Archdiocese of Brisbane to the Diocese of Rockhampton which has been
so badly hit, especially in Bundaberg and Gladstone.

In addition to providing material support, the Church also has the
responsibility of providing spiritual support. I ask the entire Archdiocese
to pray for the communities, families and individuals who have been
struck by the cyclone and the floods. I conclude with the Missal’s special
Collect in time of flood: “Look upon us, O God, and see the floods that
devastate the earth; grant, we pray, hope to our troubled hearts and new
life to the damaged land. Through Christ our Lord. Amen”

Archbishop Mark Coleridge