The Australia Day weekend 2013 has been a reminder that we live in a country of extremes.  For the last month we’ve been praying for all those affected by the fires that have been burning in different parts of the country.  And while fires still burn in some parts down south, Queensland and northern New South Wales have been hit by a cyclone and its after-effects which has brought tornadoes, destructive winds and widespread flooding.  For some people, they had only just finished repairs following the 2011 floods.  The Brisbane River will peak tomorrow in the middle of the day, so a lot of people are waiting to see what will happen.

We lost power where I live at about 1pm on Sunday, and some reports suggest power may not be restored until Wednesday.  Extended loss of electricity is a bit of a disruption, to say the least, but of course nowhere near as bad as what some people are currently experiencing.

We ask the Lord to keep everyone safe from harm, and to strengthen all those affected by the weather at this time.