The day has finally arrived, and I am now on my way home.  The last week has been a whirlwind of good-byes.  It’s been sad saying farewell to so many who’ve been part of my Ottawa time.

Ottawa turned on the snow for my last day here which was nice!  It will make the comparison with the summer heat in Brisbane all the more real!

I’m currently at Ottawa airport, en route to Chicago for two nights, then on to Brisbane on Thursday via LA and Sydney.  I land on Saturday.

January 5th is my official start date of my new duties as Associate Judicial Vicar to the Regional Tribunal, and as Priest in Residence at Saint Bernardine’s, Browns Plains.  The Browns Plains role means I live there, and assist with all the weekend duties and other things during the week that my timetable will allow.

See some of you very soon!