The 56-year-old Bishop of Durham, the Rt. Rev. Justin Welby, has been named as the successor to Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, and spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion.

I just happened to turn on the TV a few minutes ago and saw part of the press conference announcing his selection.  Interestingly, he only became a bishop last year, so he is fairly new to episcopal ministry.

He indicated in his speech that he supports the ordination of women as bishops.  This is regretable, in my opinion, as such a move will be another wedge that will hinder the work of restoring Christian unity.

We can be grateful, I believe, for the creative insight of our Holy Father, Benedict XVI, in creating the Personal Ordinariate structures – which celebrated their third birthday during the week – to allow our Anglican brothers and sisters to continue professing catholic and orthodox faith, whilst retaining parts of their Anglican patrimony and traditions, but also to return to full communion with the successor of Saint Peter.

Please pray for Bishop Welby as he takes up this important ministry, and also for the Anglican Communion throughout the world.

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