I just came across the following “Prayer for the Year of Faith” in something I was reading, and thought I’d share it.  The authorship was unacknowledged.


Eternal God, everlasting Father,

we lift to you adoring love and praise

for the gift of faith

by which we open ourselves

to the fiery Love of your Spirit,

poured out through the pierced Heart

of your Son, Jesus Christ.

Stip up that faith anew in us,

O Father!

Deepen our trust,

illumine our minds,

enkindle our hearts

and make us worthy servants

of the reconciliation

Christ won for us,

that we may come to know

the peace of the Kingdom

where you live forever and ever.


— Faith and Life, Archdiocese of Brisbane, Perspectives, 21:8 (September 2012), p. 9