On average, there are 3,300 abortions EVERY DAY in the United States — but that daily number goes up on Saturdays, the busiest day of the week at many abortion centers.

Today’s prayer intention: We pray for a flowering of the joy of parenthood.

Heavenly Father, please keep me from taking for
granted the gift of children. Help us to remember
this heritage that you have given us. Make us
faithful stewards of these precious lives, that each
generation might be raised in the nurture and
admonition of the Lord. We ask this through Jesus
Christ our Lord, Amen.

+ + +

Yesterday, students from my school – Saint Paul University, Ottawa – took our turn [with a few other helpers too!] to fill the slots on the vigil roster for praying at the downtown abortion mill during the 40 Days for Life.  I also took one of the slots for proclaiming the Scriptures.  Here in Ottawa during the 40 Days for Life, the Bible is proclaimed from beginning to end where we pray over the road from the abortion mill.  It was very cold yesterday morning, and on my way home after praying we actually had snow (although I hear that snow has fallen in odd parts of Australia in recent days – odd for this time of year – so I suppose news of snow is no big deal to those back home)!  Here’s a photo of me from yesterday during the Proclamation of the Word:

12 October 2012: Proclamation of the Word at the 40 Days for Life at 65 Bank Street, Ottawa. With thanks to Maureen Ward for the photo.

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