Today is the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, and also the beginning of the Year of Faith for the whole Church.

Through this year, we are invited “to enter more deeply into the spiritual movement which characterised Vatican II, to make it ours and to develop it according to its true meaning. And its true meaning was and remains faith in Christ, the apostolic faith, animated by the inner desire to communicate Christ to individuals and all people, in the Church’s pilgrimage along the pathways of history” (Pope Benedict XVI, Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, 11 October 2012).

The Holy Father also recalled that “11 October 1962 was the Feast of Mary Most Holy, Mother of God.”  He added, “Let us entrust to her the Year of Faith, as I did last week when I went on pilgrimage to Loreto. May the Virgin Mary always shine out as a star along the way of the new evangelisation” (ibid.).

Those in Ottawa are reminded of the Prayer Service tonight in Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica and 7.30pm to mark the beginning of the Year of Faith.