I thought the following is worth sharing from a message I received today about Brisbane man Graham Preston, of Right to Life Australia, who is currently serving time in prison for the non-payment of fines.

The fines were incurred when he disobeyed a police direction to “move on” when blocking doorways at abortion mills in Brisbane.  Whether you agree with Graham’s method of doing what he feels called to do to prevent abortion, he has the courage of his convictions and that is admirable.  His protests are always peaceful and respectful of the dignity of the women who misguidedly think abortion will solve their problem. …

Graham may well be in lockup but he lives on ‘on the outside’ at Google maps!  Thanks to the Protect Life newsletter sent out by Liz Preston for alerting us to this.  If you go to this website https://maps.google.com/  and in the site’s Search box, type in Ballow Chambers, Spring Hill, Brisbane, then pull the little man image down onto the street, you can clearly see Graham standing outside the building with two placards – one of an unborn baby and the other one with the words “You were once an unborn baby”.  So praise God for modern technology.  Graham’s posters are now reaching a far wider audience than just the street on that day!  As far as I am aware, Google updates its images only every two years.

Please pray for Graham and his family.