Opening Rally of the 40 Days for Life in Ottawa – 25 September 2012

Here in Ottawa last night I attended the opening rally for the 40 Days for Life.  The rally began (and consisted largely of) Evening Prayer of the Church being sung.  This is most appropriate because 40 Days for Life is essentially a time of prayer, fasting and peaceful witness at 300 abortion mills around the world.

We are praying – obviously – for the protection of the lives of unborn children, but in doing this we’re praying that hearts will be changed: that those who work in the abortion industry may be converted to protect all human life;  that men and women who find that a child has been conceived may be able to welcome the life that has begun in the woman’s womb.

More than likely there is a 40 Days for Life campaign happening near you.  Why not sign up for one of the available time slots and lend your support to this prayerful campaign.  If you are a priest, please offer Mass for an end to abortion and the protection of all human life.  Even if you can’t participate physically at an abortion mill, please offer up prayers, fasting and other sacrifices for these intentions.

Some more photos from last night can be viewed here.

Some date claimers:

Sunday 14 October 2012, 7pm: Mid-point rally at Ground Zero, 65 Bank Street, Ottawa

Sunday 4 November 2012, 7pm: Closing Rally, with a gathering at Ground Zero followed by a candle-light procession to Saint Peter and Saint Paul’s Anglican Church for a reception