We resumed classes here in Ottawa today.  It certainly feels like we are at the tail-end of the course, and finishing off “bits and pieces.”  We also have no classes on Thursdays or Fridays this semester, so we can’t complain about that.  We also now know that the comprehensive exams will be on the 11th and 12th December, so I’ll be home shortly after that: in time for Christmas, which will be great.

A new cohort of students has begun, and there are another two priests from Australia, bringing the current Australian contingent up to four.  There is another Australian student who has been doing some of the courses on-line.

I was interested to learn this morning that there is another blogger among the new arrivals.  Sr Louise from Dublin writes the Pilgrims progress blog.  She is a religious of the Disciples of the Divine Master congregation.  So, if you’re interested, you might see a little more of our life here in Ottawa on her blog.

In the coming days I’ll hopefully get to uploading some of my photos from my “monastic month” in August.