The Canon Law Conference in La Crosse was excellent.  My confreres in the Brisbane Tribunal will be interested to know that Bill Daniel gave an excellent talk that dealt with – among other things – the ex officio changing of the formulation of the doubt.  The other talks were similarly topical and helpful.  There was, once again, a good representation of us from Saint Paul University, Ottawa.

The contingent from Saint Paul University, Ottawa, participating in the Canon Law Conference, La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1-2 August 2012. L-R: Professor Chad Glendinning, Fr Ramil Fajardo, Fr Adrian Sharp, Cardinal Raymond Burke, Fr Matthew Wertin, Miss Annette Wellman, Mr Paul Matenaer, Mr Aldean Hendrickson, Fr Ken Mikulcik

I’m currently transiting in Chicago on my way to South Carolina, where I’ll be staying with the Cistercian monks at Mepkin Abbey until the beginning of September, until I return to Ottawa for the beginning of classes.