My time at home is nearly at an end.  Tomorrow I cross the ocean once again to return to Ottawa.  Classes don’t start until September, so next week I’ll cross the border to go to a canon law conference in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  From there I will continue to South Carolina where I’ll be spending a ‘monastic month’ with the Cistercians at Mepkin Abbey.

The past three months have been filled with many things.  I made it back in time for Archbishop Coleridge’s installation: the beginning of a new era for our Archdiocese.  I completed a practicum in the marriage tribunal and chancery.  We’ve had the priestly jubilee celebrations, and more recently the clergy conference.  I was able to be present for Monsignor McGuckin’s consecration as bishop of Toowoomba.  There’ve been several funerals during the past few months of former parishioners, co-workers, and brother priests.  And I had the opportunity to catch up with many different people.  If I didn’t get to see you, I’ll be back at the end of the year!

Since I was without a parish appointment these past few months, I’m most grateful to those priests and communities who have welcomed me at their altars for the celebration of Mass.

This will be my last semester away for studies and, all going to plan, I’ll be home permanently at Christmas.  Next year I’ll be doing tribunal and chancery work, along with parish work in a yet-to-be-determined location!

For those across the ocean: see you soon … and for those here in Brisbane: see you at Christmas!