The Duomo, Milan

Greetings from Milan … this is my first time here.

Upon arrival we took a stroll to find the Duomo, and got there in time for the Rosary and the vigil Mass for Sunday.  During the Mass, two men were also instituted as Acolytes.

The Liturgy in Milan follows the Ambrosian Rite.  Having heard of this Rite for many years, it was very interesting to see it being celebrated.  Latin Catholics would easily recognise what they’re used to seeing in the Roman Rite of Mass, but many of the elements are in a different order, for example, the Prayer of the Faithful came before the Creed, and the fraction of the Host came before the Lord’s Prayer.  The Sign of Peace was exchanged after the Prayer of the Faithful, something which hopefully might be followed in the Roman Rite some day.  It seems to be a much better position than it’s current placement. It was a beautiful celebration.

I keep expecting Basil Fawlty to come bounding down the stairs

We have been joking that our accomodation is a little like Fawlty Towers, but it has several things over the higher-grade hotel in Rome, namely a plug for the bathroom sink and wi-fi for the internet!  On the humourous side, it does lack an elevator, and getting our luggage up the spiral staircase from the front door was amusing to say the least!

Buona Domenica!