Greetings from Madisonville, Kentucky!

The travelling has been going well, and more or less to plan.  On Good Friday we were with the Cistercians at Gethsemani Abbey for the afternoon Celebration of the Lord’s Passion.  Gethsemani is in a beautiful location.  It was nice to see the place made famous particulary as the community to which Thomas Merton belonged.  Whilst there we were able to join a couple of the other liturgies including Vigils at 3.15am on Holy Saturday morning.

On Saturday we travelled in Indiana to  Saint Meinrad’s Archabbey.  We arrived in time for Vespers and joined the monks for supper.  At 8pm was the beautiful celebration of the Easter Vigil.  The Vigil lasted three hours, which is a pretty good effort in my opinion as there were no Baptisms!  The music at the Vigil was extraordinarily beautiful.  The community is blessed with many talented musicians.

I’ve taken lots of photos, but I haven’t had a chance to upload any yet – so stay tuned!