Homily for Mass – Deschatelets Residence

3 April 2012 – 7.30am

[Readings: Is 49:1-6;  Ps 71;  Jn 13:21-33, 36-38]

One commentator on today’s Gospel suggests that what is distressing Jesus – making him “troubled in spirit” – during the Last Supper, is the affect that his disciples are going to have on each other because of their actions.  How will Judas’ betrayal affect the rest?  What about Peter’s denial?

 Jesus doesn’t hide from them what’s going to happen: “one of you will betray me” he tells them.

 In these hours before his passion, he is teaching his disciples – those who would be his apostles and messengers – that they are in as much need of healing and salvation as those to whom they will take his message.  His disciples will have to accept that fact, and they’ll have to learn to deal with the weakness and failures of each other.

 We gather at the supper table with the Lord, just as those first disciples did.  How do we view those around us?  How do we deal with the weakness, the sin, the failures of our brothers and sisters in the Lord?

 In all of this, there is an invitation to be immersed in the mercy of God.  The Lord, who chose weak and sinful disciples has chosen us too.  In his mercy, and with the power of his resurrection, we journey together.  Let us draw near to him who died for sinful people, so that he can redeem us, and so that we can share the message of salvation with the world.

 (See: http://godzdogz.op.org/2012/04/tuesday-of-holy-week-can-you-trust.html)