Histories of St. Francesca Romana by Antoniazzo Romano

It seems to me that Saint John of God, who was remembered yesterday, and Saint Frances of Rome, whose feast is celebrated today (9 March), are particularly apt saints for Lent.

A few challenging words from the life of Saint Frances of Rome, from the Office of Readings:

“That same steadfastness enabled her to endure the evil-tongued detractors who spoke ill of her way of life.  Never did she show the slightest antipathy for those whom she knew spoke evil of her and of what she did.  Instead, she repaid evil with good and prayed unceasingly to God for them.

“[…] people came to her from everywhere, as to a safe place of refuge.  No one went away without being comforted even though she readily reproved sin and fearlessly castigated what was evil and displeasing to God.”