In our work to make abortion unthinkable in our lifetime, one challenge that is frequently put to us is: “what are you doing to actually help women with unwanted/unplanned pregnancies?”  I think this is a fair enough question to ask.  If we say that abortion is wrong, and that it is not a licit option, then what alternative do we offer?

The “short” answer to that is that we work to help women (and everyone else involved) to welcome the child in her womb.  How?  One practical answer to this question in Brisbane – and there would be many others in other places too – is Pregnancy Crisis Incorporated.  PCI is a group of local people whose heart is to give practical assistance to women facing unplanned pregnancies, and who may be considering abortion or who may be being pressured into having an abortion.   PCI has Volunteer Support Workers who help pregnant mothers throughout their pregnancies.  Practical assistance such as prams, cots and baby needs are also made available.

One large project of PCI is the establishment of PCI House which will actually provide respite accomodation for women in a crisis situation as a result of a pregnancy.

PCI has their annual fundraising dinner coming up.  See the flyer here: PCI Flyer for dinner – 31 March 2012

Their current newsletter can also be found here: PCI Newsletter – February 2012

In the Newsletter you can find a donation page.  Perhaps you might consider sending some of your Lenten almsgiving their way, and help to save the lives of the unborn.

Please pray for the work of Pregnancy Crisis Incorporated.  God bless all involved in this wonderful work.