Stamullen Priory - the new Monastery of Our Lady of the Cenacle

The monastic community of Our Lady of the Cenacle is on the move from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to County Meath, Ireland.  Read about the move here.  In fact, the move happened over the past 24 hours!  Even the monastery dog is making the intercontinental journey (see:

As the Prior explains in his letter about the move, the Irish Church sent many missionary priests and religious to America [and to Australia too], and so it’s most appropriate “for some Americans to return love for love by leaving the United States to serve the Church in Ireland,” particularly at a time of severe testing for the Church in Ireland.

Please pay for the newly relocated Monastery of Our Lady of the Cenacle, and perhaps you might consider sending some of your Lenten almsgiving their way?

[UPDATE: Oops! typo in the last paragraph!  Well, the community does need help paying for their move and their new home … but they’d also really appreciate it if you prayed for them too!  Well spotted Canonical Codemonkey]!