One opportunity presented by the current ruckus in the US between the bishops and the president is for the Church to restate its teaching on contraception.  Some people probably roll their eyes at that suggestion, “here we go again,” they say.  Well, yes!  The truth may not be fashionable, but the truth it remains.  Many suggest that what Pope Paul VI predicted in Humanae vitae has in fact come true.  The truth is that a non-contraceptive mentality is more life-giving, more healthy, ultimately a more human way of life.  This is the truth that the Church has been given to share.

A few supplementary points: contraceptives are morally wrong whether they are abortifacient or not.   Secondly, a young man asking if it is wrong to use contraception when having sex with his girlfriend is asking the wrong question: sex with anyone other than one’s husband or wife is wrong.

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