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For immediate release                                                               21st February 2012


Qld election outcome could derail federal marriage push

The State election outcome could derail the Greens’ push for same-sex marriage, the Australian Family Association has predicted.

AFA spokesman, Mr Luke McCormack said that Queensland’s controversial civil unions law was intended to fast-track same-sex marriage nationally but could have the opposite effect.

“Voters at the 24 March poll will have the option of voting for repeal of civil unions, a watered-down version of marriage rushed through Queensland parliament late last year,” said Mr McCormack.

Choice to repeal or retain

“The major parties offer a stark choice.  Premier Bligh’s Labor Party and the Greens strongly support civil unions, which give marriage-like status to same-sex relationships.

On the other hand, the Liberal National Party, Katter’s Australian Party and Family First have policies to repeal civil unions,” said Mr McCormack.

“Mr Newman confirmed his commitment to repeal earlier this month, subject to ensuring that no one is left in ‘legal limbo’. This can be achieved by ensuring the repeal legislation is not retrospective,” he said.

“If civil unions are repealed, that would send a strong message to federal MPs like Ms Teresa Gambaro MP who have said they are influenced by community views,” he said.

Mr McCormack said family groups opposed alternatives to marriage because they tended to weaken children’s rights to know and be raised by their mum and dad.

“If marriage is re-defined to include same-gender or even group relationships, it ceases to be about children’s best interests.  I thought we learned about the importance of children’s rights to their parents from the grief experienced by the stolen generations…apparently history repeats itself.” he said.

The Civil Partnership Act 2011 starts operation on Thursday February 23.

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