Last night, Dr Kurt Martens of the Catholic University of America gave the Glasmacher Lecture at Saint Paul University, Ottawa.  His topic was: Patere legem quam ipse fecisti? Procedures and Protection of Rights in the Church and Its Relevance for Religious Liberty.  Religious liberty is certainly a “hot-button” issue at the moment with all that is currently happening in the US, and also in Canada with a decision just yesterday that touches on religious freedom and the rights of parents as the primary educators of their children.

Professor Martens gave several interesting case studies of examples where secular courts had either upheld, overturned or even replaced decisions by ecclesiastical authorities and tribunals as he helped us consider the relationship and interplay between the common law and canon law.

Following Dr Martens' lecture there were comments and questions from a panel of representatives from each of the four faculties of Saint Paul University

There are some more photos on Flickr.