There is a very interesting article on The Witherspoon Institute’s site: Women, Abortion, and the Brain.  The truth about abortion needs to be told.  As the article says,

But can’t we work to prevent at least some women from having to experience this painful surprise? One important change would surely be for the medical and psychological professions, and the university health centers, to be more honest about the psychological impact of abortion on substantial numbers of women. Is it not like the fine print on prescriptions?: “This medication may cause internal bleeding, or blindness, or [other grave side-effects].”

Some women appear to have no regrets whatever after abortion: see Some experience modest sadness. But for many women, their abortion turns out to have been a nightmare from which they cannot wake up. Some awaken each morning to that. Women and those who advise them need to be more aware of this risk, and why it occurs. Human beings—and women in particular—are not just cortex, not just what used to be called “gray cells.” Women need to be told the truth. They need to be prepared for what may be the consequences of this major life decision.

The article references another site:  That site wishes to be “neutral” but it’s very hard to be neutral when reading the stories: it’s harrowing reading.

Surely we should want to protect our wives, girlfriends, sisters and friends from such aweful trauma?  I’m not sure how people can support something that has the potential to do so much damage.  This alone is a reason to work and pray that the truth of abortion is known, and not only babies are saved, but the lives also of their mothers and families are spared from such unnecessary pain.