More or less coinciding with the Year of Faith called for by Pope Benedict XVI, the Australian Bishops have called the Church in Australia to celebrate a Year of Grace from Pentecost 2012 to Pentecost 2013.  The Bishops see this Year as a chance to “start afresh from Christ” and to renew our contemplation of the face of Christ.

In a letter to Australia’s Priests and Deacons, Archbishop Philip Wilson, President of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, wrote:

“We make the same call to the members of your parishes and communities, to the Religious, and to all the agencies which are part of our mission – our schools and universities, our social justice and welfare organisations, our myriad committees and agencies.  We will challenge ourselves to keep asking the question: “What’s this got to do with Jesus?” 

We ask and invite ourselves to pray, to grow in prayer, to help others to pray and to pray better.  We hope you will share this challenge with us.

We will call ourselves to repentance for the areas in which we have failed, individually and corporately, by commission and omission.

And we will celebrate the gift of holiness, the gifts of the Spirit, with which the Father has blessed us through the Risen Lord.”

I’m interested to hear your practical suggestions of how we can achieve these goals that Archbishop Wilson mentions.   We can exhort people to pray – or deepen their prayer life – but would actually help you to do that?

What would help you to make Pentecost 2012 to Pentecost 2013 truly a Year of Grace that would draw you closer to Christ?

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Archbishop Wilson’s message to Catholics in Australia: