Following below is a press release from Priests for Life Canada:

February 2, 2012

Priests for Life Canada

Applauds Canadian MPs

Though Prime Minister Harper has clearly indicated that he has no intention of reopening the debate on abortion, not all Canadians, including Members of Parliament from various party affiliations, agree that there should be “no public debate” on this most important human rights issue of our day. They recognize that a situation that allows the legal killing of over 100,000 unborn Canadian children each year should and must be debated.

“As more and more Canadians come to know that legal recognition of the unborn child is non-existent in Canada, and that the unborn child can be legally aborted at any time throughout the nine-months of pregnancy, it is unthinkable that we would not be open to discussing the issue of abortion”, says Fr. Thomas Lynch, National Director of Priests for Life Canada. He further states that, “Though Priests for Life Canada does not involve itself in political agendas, the morality of the issue means that we must speak out. We applaud those Members of Parliament who are speaking out on behalf of the many Canadians who “do want the debate”, and we thank them for bravely stepping forth to encourage public discussion on this issue. We encourage and support more MPs to do the same”.


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Please pray that this momentum will grow.