“According to a long-held principle of priestly formation, the priest grows in holiness through the ordinary means of his ministry.  Father Jordan Aumann expresses the tradition when he says, ‘The priest is identified with mission and … he should sanctify himself by the very works of his ministry.’  Pope John Paul affirms this, too, at the end of his exhortation on the priesthood, Pastores Dabo Vobis: ‘The new evangelization needs new evangelizers and these are the priests who are serious about living their priesthood as a specific path toward holiness.”

[…] “Everything the priest does is in union with Christ.  Everything contributes to his ‘ministry of reconciliation,’ of bringing all things to Christ.  What this suggests is that the priest will grow in the virtues, in holiness, through the attentive, devout performance of his priestly duties.  That means primarily through his daily prayer, especially the Liturgy of the Hours, through the daily celebration of the Eucharist, through his reflections on the Scriptures in preparation of his homily, through his various pastoral ’rounds’ and duties.  The priest can also grow in virtue through all the supposedly ‘mundane’ tasks and chores of his day, so long as he approaches them with that same ‘interior unity of life’ in communion with Jesus Christ.”

— Archbishop Jose J. Gomez, Men of Brave Heart: The Virtue of Courage in the Priestly Life. Huntington, IN, Our Sunday Visitor, 2009, pp. 185-186.