BLESSED JOHN PAUL II, 18.V.1920 – 2.IV.2005, Beatified: 1 May 2011

Thank-you Blessed John Paul II for your intercession, and helping me to turn this:

into this:

I handed in today the major paper for my licentiate in canon law … hoorah!  Please God any revisions to get to the final draft won’t be too painful!

After having some initial difficulty settling on a topic for the paper, I decided that I wanted to write something in honour of our beloved John Paul II since it was his beatification year.  So, the topic that was approved for me to write on was

Canonical Contributions of Blessed John Paul II:Through the Lens of the Apostolic Constitutions Sacrae disciplinae leges, Pastor bonus, and Sacri Canones.

Compared to other courses, I’m sure this paper isn’t that long (43pp + bibliography), however it is the longest thing I’ve ever written.  It is nice to be one step closer to coming home!

Blessed John Paul II, pray for us!