Christmas Day has just now ended in Brisbane as it begins here in Ottawa.

Merry Christmas morning from Ottawa!  I think this counts as a white Christmas:


To coincide with the arrival of “real winter” the heating in my room decided to go on holiday … or perhaps it is just having the day off for Christmas.  Needless to say that the ambient heat in the room, and the warmth of my personality, didn’t last long to offset the invading chill.  Brother “Fix It” visited and whatever the source of the problem is, it couldn’t be remedied immediately.  So I have an electric heater now that is working valiantly.

Notre Dame Cathedral looked beautiful last night, bedecked in umpteen pots of poinsettia.  Actually, when they arrived the week before, the whole collection of them in the sacristy was an impressive sight in itself.  I did take my camera, but the batteries gave up the ghost (theme of the day) by the time I got to church last night.  However, there are a couple of shots of the cathedral on the Archbishop’s blog, including one of the beautiful creche inside the cathedral.  The 7pm Mass which I concelebrated with the Archbishop was packed to the rafters, literally, as the galleries on both sides were largely full.  The youth choir led the music, and sang a very beautiful piece after Communion (I think I’ve left the programme for Mass downstairs in my coat pocket, so I’ll retrieve it later to find out what the piece was).  The Entrance Hymn was my favourite Adeste Fideles, in Latin, French and English.  Although, I must confess that I had Psalm 137 in my mind … How can we sing the LORD’S song in a foreign land?  But sing I did, consoled by the pleasing thought that next Christmas, heating will be the last thing on my mind – please God!  After Mass I celebrated with some of the ‘gang’ from the 4.15pm Saturday Mass at which I often preside.

I’m looking forward to a very quiet Christmas Day, now, trying not to think too much that with tomorrow’s dawn my head gets stuck back into writing my paper.

Happy Christmas everyone!   Joyeux Noël.

The Rideau Canal is starting to look a little more like a skating rink