“[T]he techniques needed to bring Christ to a people that has never heard of him (something the Church has been doing since Pentecost) are one thing; the techniques needed to bring him to a new generation within a basically Christianized culture (something the Church does with every new generation) are something else. But the techniques needed to bring Christ to a people or culture that thinks it has already tried Christ and thinks Him a failure (or worse, thinks Him a cover for indifference to suffering, exploitation of the innocent, impotence to affect human lives, various forms of rapaciousness in the name of divine destiny, and so on), those techniques are something else yet again. And it is this third situation, one wherein the Church faces not so much a non-Christian culture but a de-Christianized one, which confronts the Church in the Western world today. It is this situation, never before faced by the Church—certainly not on a large scale—that I suggest underlies most of the startling summons to a New Evangelization.”

— Edward N. Peters,  “An Introduction to the Canonical Achievements of Pope John Paul II,” in Ave Maria Law Review, 6 (2007), p. 26.  See here.