I’m on holidays now!  Hurrah!  A working holiday, at least: I have a paper to write that is due mid-January, so I have something to keep me occupied.

Our class has now finished the fourth semester (of six) of our programme.  We have about nine subjects to go (including our seminar paper, Rome field trip, and a tribunal/chancery practicum).  This time next year we’ll be packing up ready to go home … now that’s a nice feeling!

After the Latin exam yesterday, I went to see something I haven’t seen in Ottawa before: the Hog’s Back Falls.  Its a very pretty place, where the Rideau Canal divides from the Rideau River.  As you can see from the photos of the lock, the water in the canal is now right down in preparation for when it freezes to become the world’s largest outdoor ice-skating park!

Praying for safe travels for my confreres, a good number of whom have now dispersed back to their families and/or dioceses.  Happy holidays (and [for second-years] don’t forget to write your paper)!