I haven’t blogged much of late … the end of the semester has intervened!  I have just one more class and one exam left and then I will have completed the fourth semester (of six) of my course.  I won’t be back in Australia this Christmas as I have a paper to write which is due early January, so from next Tuesday onwards I’ll be immersed in that, and hopefully producing something satisfactory.  My topic is Canonical Contributions of Blessed John Paul II.   (Bl. JPII, please pray for me!)

So I’ll have a white Christmas this year … I think!  The weather has been extraordinarily mild this year, compared with last year.  We’ve had only one snowfall, and we’re not complaining!   Perhaps by Christmas we’ll have seen a bit more of the white stuff.

On Tuesday of this week we had a farewell celebration for our third year class.  They are now preparing for their comprehensive examination which will be held in a couple of weeks time.  It wasn’t entirely a ‘good-bye’ occasion as half of the class will be staying here in Ottawa to commence their doctoral studies, and the other half will return to duties in their dioceses.  Congratulations third-year!

So now I’ll do Latin homework … for the last time!  Today is our final Latin class … the exam is on Monday.