Fr Stephen Wang at Bridges and Tangents draws readers’ attention to an audio slideshow that has been produced by the BBC on Allen Hall Seminary, West London, where 16 men have begun priestly formation this year.  From the BBC website:

Audio slideshow: Why do men choose to become priests?

The number of men preparing for the Catholic priesthood at the Diocese of Westminster’s seminary has been steadily rising over recent years.

This year, 16 men have started studying to become priests at Allen Hall, the Diocese of Westminster’s seminary in west London.

The new intake brings the number of men preparing for the priesthood at Allen Hall to 50, the sixth consecutive annual increase.

Rector of Allen Hall Mark O’Toole, first year seminarian Damien Ryan and fifth year seminarian Martin Plunkett talk about the challenges of becoming a priest.


It gives an interesting look into one seminary.  Let’s pray for all our seminarians throughout the world, and that more might respond generously and courageously to God’s call.