Fr M. Durham of Rockhampton has written the following letter which appeared in the August 2011 issue of AD2000 [with my emphasis]:

No oxygen

“You know the damage that the chemicals in cigarettes do to a fully-grown adult. Imagine what they do to a baby the size of a thumb.”

Do those words mean that the Australian Government now recognises that an embryo is in fact a baby and not just a blob of cells?

Why so? Because these words are taken from a recent full page Quitline advertisement (described therein as being “authorised by the Australian Government”) in a popular and widely read Australian women’s magazine ( Women’s Day).

The advert portrays a large, three-dimensional, ultrasound colour image of a baby in the womb. At the bottom of the image are these words in large type: “When you smoke, she gets less oxygen.” One could readily add: “And when you have an abortion, she gets no oxygen”.

Retired priest, Qld

Source: AD2000.

I’ve tried to find the ad online but without success.  If anyone finds it please add it as a comment below!