I thought these words of Monsignor Philip Reilly, the founder of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, were a beautiful description of why we are outside abortion facilities as pray-ers or as sidewalk counsellors.  It is much more than a ‘protest’ or a ‘demonstration.’

The challenge of the Helpers is to be Sidewalk Contemplatives at Calvary. We must remove from our presence anything that would prevent those going to or working in the abortion ‘clinics’ from experiencing in us the unconditional merciful love of God for them. God gives us the power to love even our enemy. It is called the virtue of charity. Thus for the Helpers there is no longer two sides, pro-life vs. pro-abortion. There is only one side. We are commissioned by God to be faithful ambassadors of the merciful love of Christ to all those present at today’s Golgotha or Calvary.

Even more important than being at the ‘clinic’ is how and why we are present there. At the foot of the Cross of Christ, Mary and John, Mary Magdalen and the other ladies were not talking and chatting or shouting and condemning but rather in prayer, fasting, love and compassion. Jesus did not die alone but was surrounded by prayer, compassion and love. So also the unborn in their final painful hours on earth should be surrounded with prayer, compassion and love. Moreover when the women come to the abortion mill and see people really praying, they are more likely to think of the presence of God and the Cross at Calvary.

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