Homily for Mass, Deschatelets Residence, Ottawa

[Readings: Col 1:21-23;  Ps 54;  Lk 6:1-5]


In the midst of the rather long sentence that begins our first reading today is an important injunction of St Paul: he says that the Colossians must “continue securely established and steadfast in the faith, without shifting …”  Paul acknowledges that a disciple of Christ needs vigilance to remain on the path Jesus has set.  We will be assailed by doubts;  questions can enter into our minds about matters of faith;  we can be tempted to believe that certain sins aren’t sins.  If we are to be and remain servants of the gospel of Jesus, as Paul became, then we have to take this warning of Paul’s seriously:  “continue securely established and steadfast in the faith, without shifting …”

We have to make Christ the centre of our life.  The Gospel today provides an affirmation of the divine identity of Jesus.  If the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath, then that means that the same God who created the Sabbath and gave the law is now also at work in Christ.

We honour today St Gregory the Great.  One thing I read about him said that, with all his many works and achievements, he was a voice of faith and reason in a time of chaos and lawlessness.” It strikes me as something that is much needed in our own times: voices and witnesses of faith and reason.

We can be those voices of faith and reason to the extent that we allow Jesus Christ to be the Lord and Master of our lives.

As we offer Mass this morning let’s ask the Lord to help us to remain steadfast in the faith, and may everything we do proclaim that Jesus is the centre of our life.  May we say with St Gregory: It is for love of him [the creator and redeemer of mankind] that I do not spare myself in preaching him.