Over in Australia at the moment, there’s some annoying petitions doing the rounds in church circles.  Granted, some are more annoying than others.  Some shouldn’t be being promoted by priests.  I sort of wanted to sign what I’ve dubbed the ‘anti-petitions,’ [i.e. the petitions against the petitions] but I hesitate.

People have often heard me gripe about my frustration at being called “conservative!”  My reply is, “No, I’m just trying to be Catholic!”  I dislike the fact that “being Catholic” is branded “conservative” and has therefore been turned into one side of a debating position, as though it’s perfectly acceptable to assume the opposite position.

I was trying to explain to someone why I hesitated to sign the ‘anti-petitions’ and I said, “I just want to be Catholic!”

Lo! and behold! I’ve just stumbled on an AWESOME video titled “We Are Catholic.”

It was cool seeing the Australian flag make it into the video too!

[Thanks to Acts of the Apostasy for the link].

Share the link around to all those, who, like me, love Jesus Christ, love our Church, love the Pope, and quite simply, who just want to be Catholic!