There must be someone out there with some spare loot sitting around, so keep the message going until it gets to that person (or people)!

Help a group of Franciscan Sisters stay in their monastic home, where “the Sanctuary light before the Blessed Sacrament has remained alight for hundreds of years.”

“Lanherne used to be the Manor House of the Arundell family who rose to high positions in the country, only to be reduced to gradual impoverishment during the times of the Reformation, due to their love of the Catholic faith. Lanherne became a place of refuge for many priests during this time of persecution and there are said to be nine priest holes where they hid from their persecutors. Tradition relates that one priest was hidden in one of these for eighteen months. St. Cuthbert Mayne often used to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass here (using the altar which is now in our small choir) and ministered to the Faithful here. He was martyred on 29th November 1577, for the simple reason that he was a Catholic priest. The Franciscans of the Immaculate are now the very privileged custodians of the first class relic of his skull which is kept in our choir, and which the people who attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass here on Sundays are able to venerate.”

Read Mother Superior’s letter here: Help Save Lanherne.

I picked up the story from Fr Ray Blake’s blog.