On the pilgrim blog from the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulbourn (Australia) is a reflection written by Fr Emil Milat, who accompanied a group of pilgrims with Archbishop Coleridge to Madrid.

Priests, and others who’ve made pilgrimages, would resonate with what Father writes.

I could see that each person already had a deep love for God and when that love encounters genuine Christian community it multiplies exponentially.  It was like we were not tourists going around in a bus but an actual group of disciples personally called by Jesus and being formed by him through Archbishop Mark- who radiated the gospel in each Holy site we visited.  He was such great fun and more importantly kept us focused during the fun, on the one we came to find more deeply.

The most precious thing God can give you is to have another deep place in your heart open to a new intimacy- through facing deep hurts that need healing, having courage to know you are beautiful when you face your own nothingness before God, and to hold onto a hope of what glory will come if you face the death and resurrection cycle of Jesus.

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