Do you run a Catholic blog, or is it more like a Catholic blahhhhg? Do you wish you had more readers? Is your Sitemeter daily count smaller than Kate Middleton’s waist size, and you wish it would expand (the daily count, not KM’s waist)? Does your combox have more robo-generated spam comments selling shoes and junk than comments left by actual people?

Thanks to Acts of the Apostasy for giving us the Top Ten Topics that will Rock Your Catholic Blog!

Your combox will quickly resemble a back alley at midnight deep in gang-contested turf. Yeah, it will get rather testy, but that’s what commenting at Catholic blogs is all about: loving our neighbors – even the Anonymous ones – with ham-fisted charity and bare-knuckled mercy.

Well, we haven’t had any of that here at A secular priest, yet.  So far I’ve only ever had to delete one post from facebook because I felt like I’d ‘started a scrap in the living room.’  So I ended the party with the click of a button.

Read the top-ten and have a laugh!  Maybe you might have some other good conversation-generators to suggest?